11 Best Male Enhancement Supplements [2019]

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Male enhancing pills are amongst the most popular products in the $20 billion nutritional supplements. An increasing number of men are using male enhancement pills to enhance and boost their sexual life.

These pills help to improve blood circulation to the penis, cure sexual dysfunction (i.e. premature ejaculation). Tell you what…? That is not the only benefits you get from using these male enhancement pills or (aphrodisiacs). They are also popularly known to increase your sex stamina (to last longer in bed), and also boost your libido or the sexual drive to have sex  — Due to age and other psychological reasons, your desire to have sex might be low and even if you do have sex, you may not enjoy it ( last longer in bed) as much as you want, hence why these sex supplements are so popular. Without a doubt, they do help to improve your overall sexual health.

However, since there are tonnes of them available in the market, it becomes necessary to acquaint yourself with the very best amongst them. Not only that but also to know their composition, so that you can make an informed decision if you decide to purchase any of these sex supplements. For example, there are medications like sildenafil (Viagra), tadalafil (Cialis), vardenafil (Levitra, staxyn) which improves erectile dysfunction but are only available by prescription — You need to see the doctor before taking any of these supplements because they contain ingredients that may affect your heart conditions. Be careful if you are taking any nitrates for heart conditions or taking any alpha-blockers for prostate problems or for controlling blood pressure.

Most of these medications are labeled to cure sexual problems. Notwithstanding, avoid taking supplements that contain synthetic ingredients which can harm you if taken unsupervised. It is strongly advisable to take natural sex supplements that don’t contain any synthetic version of sildenafil, tadalafil, and vardenafil.

The FDA advice to look out for products that claim to give quick results, advertised via spams, labels that are written in foreign languages and claim to be an alternative to FDA approved prescription drugs. You can find more information about the list of supplements that are tainted because they contain hidden ingredients.

Natural sex supplements are so far the best and most effective in curing sexual problems and improving the overall sexual health in both men and women. Most of them contain ingredients that have been used for centuries to improve sexual performance.

Best Male Enhancement Supplements 2019

Listed below are 10 best male enhancement supplements according to the research we conducted. Our research is based on scientific evidence. We strongly advise consulting your doctor if you have other health problems before taking any of these natural sex supplements. The ingredients are marked in red for better analysis and the supplements are listed according to top 1-10 ratings.

1. Max Performer

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2. Male Extra

The Male Extra supplement doesn’t contain sildenafil but claims to improve blood flow to the penis and improve sexual performance due to the active ingredients formula it contains. One of its main ingredients is L Arginine (600mg) which is a commonly used essential amino acid which turns into nitric oxide. The nitric oxide enhances the blood supply and potency of vessels. Clinical research has shown that L Arginine produces large amounts of nitric oxide. Furthermore, one study showed that it is effective in treating erectile dysfunction. Another study showed that 37% of men with sexual dysfunction saw an improved erectile function after using L arginine for 1 month.

Male extra also contains Pomegranate Ellagic acid   The manufacturers of this product claims that the Male Extra is the only sex supplements that have this ingredient. Punica granatum or pomegranate have special anticancer and antioxidant effects, which improves your overall health. It also helps to reduce stress and improves blood flow.

Other ingredients in Male Extra

L methionine in male extra is known to reduce the amount of histamine level which can cause premature ejaculation. However, more evidence is needed to confirm this.

Zinc intake is known to potentiate the action of natural testosterone hormone. More testosterone drive means more sexual enhancement. Low zinc levels are associated with male infertility. A research done on male mice has concluded that zinc helps to improve sexual competence and increase the testosterone level. However, the effect was dose-dependent.

Methyl sulfonyl methane can stimulate new growth of cells, thus, increase penis size as claimed by the manufacturers of male extra. However, more research is needed to back up this claim.

Side effects

3. TEKMale

This product also contains L arginine HCl 650mg which can enhance blood flow as evidenced previously. Horny goat weed in TEKMale has been used since ancient times to treat sexual performance problems including erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation. It can also boost your libido. Horny goat weed contains the chemical phytoestrogens and the active substance icariin which can improve blood flow to the penis. It can also enhance smooth muscle proliferation —which may increase the size of the penis, although there is no evidence to this.

Furthermore, the efficacy of icariin has been tested and proven to cure erectile dysfunction of aged and diabetic animal models, however, no clinical trials have been conducted in this regard. It is considered safe when taken orally but sometimes problems like heart arrhythmia can occur. However, there won’t be any complications if used in the recommended dose.

Also contained in TEKMale is Maca root extract known as Lepidium meyenii is scientifically proven to increase sexual behavior in various rat models. It has a short interval in gaining an erection and increases locomotor activity in mice, which can be considered as increased stamina. Subsequently, an experiment on humans studies showed variable results —  two trials claimed maca root to be effective in both men and women in treating sexual dysfunction but 2 systemic reviews have found maca to have insufficient evidence to make such claims.

Korean ginseng is also included in this product. It has a long history to be a dietary supplement and has been a topic of research for a long time. It has been considered to be effective in enhancing sexual performance, as 58% of men showed improvement in sexual function, in a randomized placebo trial. The strongest evidence is a randomized double-blinded placebo controlled multicentre trial in which Korean ginseng was found to significantly enhance the sexual desire, erectile function, sexual drive and overall sexual satisfaction.

There are other ingredients which have been proven to enhance the natural production of testosterone such as Tribulus Terrestris and zinc. Zinc inhibits the production of prolactin which in turn inhibits the action of testosterone.

Muira puama can enhance the quality of erection, sexual stamina, and libido.

Tongkat Ali has been proven to give long-lasting erection according to clinical trials.

Yohimbe bark extract has been shown to be effective in the treatment of orgasmic disorders (erectile dysfunction in women).

The international society for sexual medicine standard committee states that it can be used in the treatment of non organic erectile dysfunction.

Yohimbe is considered to enhance central sexual impulse by blocking alpha 2 receptors in the brain. It is rapidly absorbed and can give rise to quicker effects. However, TEKMale is very expensive.

4. VigRX Plus

This product contains mainly Korean ginseng, saw palmetto, Hawthorne, Ginkgo Biloba and damiana. Damiana or Chrysactinia Mexicana and is used widely as a traditional aphrodisiac medicine. A scientific research was conducted in order to study the pro-sexual features of this substance. The results show that it was effective at a central level. It enhanced the ejaculation in rat models.

Gingko biloba extract is from a tree mainly grown in China. These extracts have been shown to improve sexual performance by enhancing the blood flow to the sexual organs and appropriate areas in the brain as well. They also increase the bioavailability of nitric oxide which can impact on the sexual function positively. It has proven to be effective in men using antidepressants who are having trouble with sex.

Saw palmetto extract contained in this supplements have been shown to enhance sexual performance and also improve lower urinary tract problems in clinical trials, especially in elderly people.

5. Sizegenix

The main ingredient found in Sizegenix is Tribulus Terrestris which has been studied to assist testosterone in male hormone production. Similar to other supplements this also contains L Arginine, Tongkat Ali extract, and Maca root extract. It also includes niacin in 45mg concentration. However, the propriety blend in this product makes it difficult to determine the exact potency of the ingredients.

6. Vydox

The main ingredient in Vydox is L arginine. It also contains other natural aphrodisiacs like damiana extract, saw palmetto extract, horny goat weed extract, yohimbine and Muira puama extract. Muira puma also called potency wood can improve sexual function in elderly men. In a study conducted in 1994, as much as 60% elderly men who previously had low libido said they saw an increased sexual desire and around 50% who suffered from poor erection had seen an improvement after taking Muira. In another study concerning women, Muira improved orgasm, sexual fantasies and libido in 65% of the participants.

Another ingredient in Vydox is Bioperine — This accelerates the absorption of nutrients in the body, causing a stronger absorption of L arginine and other ingredients which eventually leads to faster action (more jerks) during sexual intercourse.

Epimedium leaf extract can inhibit PDE 5 receptor and thereby increase nitric oxide level leading to an increased penile blood flow.

Asian ginseng can also enhance erectile quality —  giving maximum erection when combined with other products.

7. Zynev

This supplement contains horny goat weed, Tongkat Ali extract, Saw palmetto extract and other ingredients in a blend. It also includes wild yam extract and sarsaparilla which can increase your concentration to have the long lasting sexual feeling. This can be good for people with performance anxiety. It also contains nettle extract and boron. However, this product has not been approved by FDA and you may need to research more if you intend to use if for treating specific diseases such as skin problems (eczema) etc

8. Xanogen

This product contains only natural ingredients that have been around traditionally. It doesn’t claim to include more novel ingredients but this could be a good thing as often these novel ingredients prove to be futile in clinical research. It includes horny goat weed, maca, L arginine, Tribulus Terrestris and Yohimbe which cover all the potent ingredients that have been backed by scientific studies. However, the potency of the ingredients are a bit low and may cause side effects in some people.

9. Vimax

This product contains mainly testosterone enhancing ingredients. It contains Gingko Biloba leaf, Panax ginseng extract, Tribulus Terrestris and Epimedium leaf extract. It also contains cayenne pepper and Cuscuta seed. Cayenne pepper can boost your sex confidence. As a matter of fact, it has been shown to reduce excess fat in the body, making you look attractive.

However, the overall effect and the lack of potent ingredients to increase penile blood flow are its biggest drawbacks.

10. Alpha man pro

This product contains L arginine, Yohimbe bark, maca, Tribulus Terrestris, and zinc, which are all natural aphrodisiacs. It also includes a propriety blend of ginseng   Although, it doesn’t reveal exactly what types are used. However, ginseng is a great male enhancement supplement as discussed in the previous evidenced above. Rhodiola Rosea another ingredient included in this product can help maintain sex stamina and reduce fatigue during sex. It can make you have a better erection and sexual satisfaction. However it doesn’t have the FDA approval and there is a concern that, it may contain hidden ingredients.

11. Extenze

Extenze mainly boosts sex libido and improve sexual performance. It also contains L arginine along with other common ingredients such as horny goat weed, damiana leaf extract, Korean ginseng extract, folate, and zinc. These ingredients are categorized into bio-enhancement and sexual response enhancement blend. There are a lot of other ingredients in sexual response enhancement blend such as pumpkin seed, GABA, Cnidium Monnier, Eleutherococcus extract. However, its male pro hormone blend with micronized DHEA and pregnenolone which can increase the level of testosterone, however, it can be very harmful if it is taken in excessive quantity, which is by and large the only thing that raises concern for this supplements.

So that is all for best male enhancement supplements. I hope you learned one or two things from the information contained here which will enable you to make informed decisions.

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