Dealing With An Oversexed Partner

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Dealing with an oversexed partner or struggling with sex addiction (hypersexuality) is quite common today. Anyway, are you oversexed or struggling with an oversexed partner? First off, there is nothing wrong with being oversexed, it is not a disease and it is definitely not something to be ashamed of. As a matter of fact, it is far better than suffering from male or female sexual dysfunction. Furthermore, in some countries such as Finland, France, Denmark, Iceland among others, being “oversexed” is considered a sign of good health.

What does it mean to be oversexed?

A person can be termed as being oversexed if he or she has sex on his or her mind all the time. It’s just like someone who loves to eat food all day long. Apparently, the levels of oversexedness vary between people. In severe cases, they become addicted and live for it ( nymphomaniacs).

If you are in a relationship whereby you feel you are not getting your sexual desires fulfilled as much as you want and maybe the thought of that occasionally weighs you down. Don’t feel rejected or frustrated, It might not necessarily be a problem with you, it could be a problem with your partner – withholding his sexual desires from you (undersexed or low libido). Similarly, if you are in a relationship and you feel that your partner is too sexually hyperactive (demanding for sex nearly all the time), don’t despair or panic, relax your mind and have a conversation with your partner in a loving, non-blaming manner, with the aim of understanding one another.


Desire levels change from time to time. According to scientific research, the female desire levels normally vary over the monthly cycle, while the male levels undergo daily fluctuating cycles.


Unless proven medically,  you shouldn’t conclude that you or your partner is oversexed. That being said, if you have medical proofs or confirmation that you or your partner is hypersexual ( a nympho or a sex maniac) whichever name you want to call it, then you or your partner should find a way to balance the equation (fulfilling each other’s sexual needs rightfully). I have put together below ways to deal with “oversexedness” or a highly libidinous partner. Before that, I want to make a disclaimer – The information given below could work or not work for an individual, it is totally dependent on human physiology, in other words, if it works for you, it doesn’t necessarily mean it would work for everyone else.

Dealing with an oversexed partner – The How

Iron Out

Avoid the blame game, don’t blame or criticize your partner for being oversexed, More so, don’t threaten your partner by saying words like “because of the differences in your sexual appetites, you are so unhappy that you are considering doing something you really don’t want to”, such words could even make matters worse. You can talk to your partner in the calmest way possible about your concern, for example, you could tell your partner you can’t keep up with his or her sexual demands, but you will try your best to sexually satisfy him or her to the best of your ability. It is the personal responsibility of both you and your partner to fulfill each other’s sexual desires in every way humanly possible. When both you and your partner make more effort to understand each other’s sexual needs and feelings, you will undoubtedly feel attached and more connected emotionally and sexually.


If your partner is oversexed. Encourage your partner to exercise daily. Exercising is an effective way to reduce excessive sex drive. On the contrary, exercising could also boost sex drive. However, according to scientist engaging in strenuous or excessive exercise can lead to physical fatigue along with lower testosterone levels, thus, reducing libido.


If your partner’s sex drive is desperate and you can’t keep up with the pace, then you have no other choice than masturbating your partner. I am saying this because It is better than dealing with infidelity (In this case, it is choosing the lesser of evil). As long as you are making more effort to understand and care for your partner’s sexual needs appropriately, you need not be worried about infidelity.


If you feel your partner’s sex drive is abnormal (wants sex every hour of the day), then you should encourage your partner to visit a health professional or a sex therapist. There are medications (pills that can help to battle excessive sex drive), However, the type of medication will vary depending on your medical history.


You are probably asking how does religion help an oversexed person? I believe you would agree with me if I say, “religion can impact positively on a person’s attitude and behavior”. I know this may sound too spiritual for some people, however, through the implementation of religious principles, an oversexed person can control his or her sexual desires. It all boils down to discipline and that is one of the many benefits of religion. Make sense? This might not be a popular way of dealing with an oversexed partner, but it sure works if the oversexed person is willing to embrace religious principles.

how to deal with an oversexed partner


A very controversial topic. I can hear the reverberating sounds of women chanting ” why not polyandry?”. If a man is highly oversexed, my point exactly is, instead of him having multiple sex partners (with the risk of contracting sexually transmitted diseases), why can’t he marry another woman if it’s ok with his wife? Which would you rather have your man do? Polygamy or Promiscuity? The former helps in social development while the latter aids social degradation ( just a food for thought).


Final thoughts

If you are struggling with an oversexed partner and you are considering pathing ways with him or her because you can’t keep up with his or her incessant sexual demands, before you embark on that road, consider doing the above-mentioned points and see how that turns out. If after all the efforts you put to make things work fail and you feel your health is in danger, then ask God to guide you.



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