Exercise & Workout That Would Make You Have Great Sex

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Sexercise is physical exercise performed in preparation for sexual activity and designed to tone, build, and strengthen muscles. Exercises for better sex are often performed as part of a sex diet lifestyle, which seeks to maximize the health benefits of the regular sexual activity.

The most pleasurable and sometimes stressful experience that human beings share with each other is sex. There is no word that can explain the magical experience that comes with sex as it involves feelings and emotions.

Exercises and workouts improve your mood and self-image, burns fat, tones your muscles and increases energy. And those are not the only benefits that come with workouts, it can also make you have pleasurable and great sex, as matter of fact it enhances your sexual wellness entirely.

A research carried out recently says that burning at least 200 additional calories in a day is one of the most effective methods of preventing erectile dysfunction.

Being physically fit and flexible in bed is the only way you can enjoy all the sex positions you desire, and for this to happen you need to engage in some form of exercises such as the ones outlined below:


cardio exercise for better sexCardiovascular Exercises For Better Sex

If you want to have a great and pleasurable sex with your partner, then you need to start doing cardio exercises such as swimming, running, cycling and jumping jacks, triceps dips, jump ropes, butt kicks and push-ups.  Cardio exercises will increase your sexual stamina and enable you to last longer in bed without getting easily tired. People who engage in cardio exercises daily are known to last more than two rounds of pleasurable sex without getting exhausted. This is not an impossible feat, Anyone can achieve with the right attitude (willpower). Begin today by doing one or two minute each of the following cardio exercises every day and gradually increase the time as you get stronger.

Benefits: Cardio exercises will increase your blood flow and keep your testosterone (the hormone largely responsible for sexual desire in both men and women) levels thriving. They also make you last longer in bed, intensify your thrust and boost your sex stamina.

  • Jumping Jack – 2 mins daily 
  • Jump rope – 2 mins daily 
  • Burpees – 6-10 reps 
  • Butt kicks – 2 mins daily
  • Push-ups – 10, 20, 30, reps
  • Swimming – at least twice a week
  • Cycling – at least 5 mins on exercise bike

upper body exercise for better sexUpper-body Exercises

Strengthening your chest, shoulders, and abs are one of the best ways to enhance your sex life. Upper-body muscles are used during intercourse to provide stability. In many sex positions one needs to hold onto the other partner tightly, thus one needs to have strong arms. Not only does strengthening upper body provide stability, but it also increases sexual stamina (give you the energy to lift yourself up and hold on for long during intercourse). To strengthen your upper-body you should do the following exercises:

Benefits: These exercises help to improve your upper body strength and endurance.

  • Close Pushups: Good for building upper back and triceps, will make you give a powerful thrust and increase your endurance during  the missionary sex position
  • Plank: Strengthen your core and also boost endurance too.
  • Chin Ups: Excellent for building upper back and biceps which you need to support yourself or your partner for a specific sex position.

Do these exercises at least thrice per week and you will see how they boost your sex stamina – Thus having a pleasurable and better sex. 

 Recent studies show that exercising as little as 20 minutes in a day can enable you to become more sexually aroused as well as enjoy sex more.

flexibility exercise for legs and hipsFlexibility Exercises For Legs & Hips

Sometimes you might experience muscle pull or even cramps during sex. To avoid such instances you should do simple stretches regularly. The more flexible you are, the more comfortable you will be with various exotic sex positions i.e. doggy style, cowgirl etc. 

Benefits: They help to improve the strength and muscular endurance of your hip flexors, abdominals and spinal erectors (muscles you used in thrusting ), you should do these stretches at least for 2-3 mins or 10-20 reps as applicable:

  • Quadriceps stretch: Helps to improve flexibility and blood circulation
  • Standing toe touch: Helps to work the erector-spinae muscles in your lower back – very good exercise for the doggy style sex position
  • Groin and back stretch: Helps to improve flexibility and agility especially during the missionary sex position.
  • Hip flexor stretch: Helps to relieve tight hamstrings and hip flexors – which is heavily compromised in the missionary sex position
  • Lunges: Your private parts need proper blood circulation and lunges do exactly that. Your pelvic area enjoys proper blood supply with this workout. Lunges also develop endurance, strength, stability, and balance too.
  • Squats: Helps to get blood flowing to the genitalia – causing arousal. Also, squats can intensify your thrusts while you’re making love.
  • Stability-Ball Crunches: Crunches make the core strong and help you give passionate thrusts while making love.

Do some light running or jumping prior to doing these stretches, you can take about 10 minutes to stretch. These stretches can be exercised shortly before sex or in the morning and at night. With just a few weeks of regularly stretches, you will definitely become a beast in bed, and if you consistent with these exercises you have the best sex life ever.

kegel exercise for better sexPelvic Floor (Kegel) Exercises

Pelvic-floor exercises strengthen the muscles of the pelvic in both women and men. Learning to control the muscles in your private parts will enable you to perform well in bed. Also, such exercises increase the flow of blood to the sex organs. You don’t have to hit the gym to perform these exercises, they can be done at home.

Benefits: For women, there is increased pleasure during intercourse if the vaginal walls are tight. For Men, Kegel exercises help men to delay ejaculation during sex since the muscles are tightened.


How to perform Kegel exercise?

Sit, stand or lie down with your legs slightly apart and relax your thighs, buttocks and abdomen muscles. Tighten the ring of muscle around your front and back passages drawing the pelvic floor muscles up inside. Try to complete up to 10 slow squeezes and 10 fast squeezing exercises.

See this videos on how to perform Kegel exercises for both women and men


Final Verdict

Pleasurable and great sex doesn’t come that easy. Unfortunately, you have to work hard to get that experience.  If you do the workouts explained above regularly and consistently, you will see a great change in your sexual life. When your muscles are strong and the body is flexible and fit, you tend to perform well in bed. This applies to both men and women. If you want a maximum sexual performance, you should also take homemade aphrodisiacs. The combination of both will make you have a super-pleasurable-sex.



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