How To Enjoy Sex If You Are Overweight

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How To Enjoy Sex If You Are Overweight. Every person has the right to enjoy sex no matter their body size. Being a plus size woman or man should not hinder you from having a great time in bed. Although some sex positions might seem difficult or impossible, however, a little bit of adjustment will help.

In fact, a plus size person can do pretty much anything a smaller person can do, don’t think it is not impossible.

Having some extra pounds isn’t necessarily a bad thing when it comes to sex, as long as you can satisfy your partner’s sexual desires, those extra pounds won’t mean anything to them. Furthermore, the feeling of being overweight might make you lose the confidence of undressing in front of your partner because of the stereotype attached to plus size people.

How To Enjoy Sex If You Are Overweight

The first step to enjoying sex if you are overweight is knowing which sex positions work best for you. Explore different positions to know which works best for you and your partner.

Even though you feel a particular sex position wouldn’t work for you because of your weight, sometimes all you have to do is make a little bit of adjustment and you will be surprised to know how that turns out.

It is possible to have sex in any position you desire no matter how hard it seems to be, you just need the right attitude (the willingness to experiment and modify).

Dress Sexy

For women put on some flirty lingerie. Find a style that fits you, something that would grab your partner’s attention (men love sexy underwears). You will notice that as you take your clothes off, his body will tremble with passionate and uncontrollable emotions.

Turn down the lights

Most people don’t like a fluorescent light in their bedroom. However, fluorescent lighting in your bedroom would enhance your appearance as well as the sex experience. A bulb with a pretty blush tint or a lower-wattage bulb and even light fixtures that illuminate upward can beautify the bedroom and enhance the mood.  To enhance the experience, even more, you can set the mood using candles or dimmer lamps. Don’t underestimate the power of a fluorescent bulb and dimmer lamps.

Relax and break out of your comfort zone

There is no way you can enjoy sex if you are stressed and exhausted. You should take yoga classes or go to the gym to let go of the exhaustion and increase your dopamine level.  Get out of your comfort zone and explore, show off your cleavage or even wear a short skirt than usual as you spend time indoors with your partner.

fat people sex positions

Sex positions

Some regular sex position can be very tricky for a plus size person since there is more weight to contend with. Some sex position can be uncomfortable, but that does not necessarily mean you can’t enjoy having sex in those positions. All you need to do is make a bit of adjustment here and there. Certainly, making love is an experience that every person would like to get the most out. It should benefit both you and your partner emotionally and sexually.

First things first,  get into the bedroom with the right attitude ‘am here to enjoy, feel good and make my partner feel good too’. Even if it means you will have to pile a number of pillows under your body parts or experiment several sex positions.

Below are sex positions that a plus size person will find comfortable and pleasurable.

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The Doggie Style Position

This is one of the best sex positions for overweight people. With this style, there is a win-win possibility. Both you and your partner will enjoy and possibly have an orgasm. If you are a curvy woman it will be very easy for your partner to penetrate you in this position. Just the view he gets from behind will excite him and get him all hyped up. And as a woman, this position will increase the chances of reaching orgasm, since it puts you in the position whereby your vagina wall (G-spot) is stimulated.

The Tweaked Missionary Position

Basically, the ordinary missionary position can be quite difficult for an overweight person especially if you have a big belly. However, you can still manage to enjoy this position if you just modify it a little. Instead of lying on top of your woman, you can rest between her legs or kneel as you penetrate her. Apparently, that is the only way you can thrust with ease and enjoy sex with your partner.

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The Regular or Reverse Cowgirl Position

This sex position isn’t determined by the size of a man or woman. Whether your partner is overweight or not you have a chance to enjoy sex in this position. As a woman, being on top gives you the control over penetration, pace and depth; you are able to position yourself as you desire with ease. You can either do the forward and backward rhythm or just bounce on your man’s penis. If your partner has a very large belly the reverse cowgirl position would be ideal and if there is a height difference, then add a pillow for leverage.

Legs wide open and the pillow position

You can place multiple pillows under your partner’s body to minimize strain on her back, also place a pillow under her hips and spread out her legs to have a full view of her juicy spot.

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The bed-edge Support Position

Let your partner lie down on her back close to the edge of a high bed. He can stand and thrust into you while holding your legs or you can rest them on his shoulders or preferably wrap them

sex position for fat people around him. In this position, his belly will be completely out of the way,  he doesn’t have to hold himself up.

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The Upgraded Doggie Style Position

Just like the bed-edge support, the upgraded doggie style position is the position whereby the woman lays her stomach by the edge of a high bed  (if not then a table) while elevating her butt up with her legs half-way spread out in a standing position. This gives the man a beautiful view and puts him in the position to go full throttle.

 Final Verdict

Is your pot belly hindering you from enjoying sex to the fullest? Are your thunder thighs causing discomfort during sex? If your weight worries you during sex, follow the aforementioned in other to enjoy sex to the fullest.


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