How To Increase Your Sex Stamina To Last Longer In Bed

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how to improve sex stamina

Have you been struggling to find solutions on how to increase your sex stamina? Nothing causes stress and anxiety in a relationship like the thought of being unable to last longer in bed. Not only does fulfilling each other’s sexual desires increases intimacy but it also bonds you and your partner together.

In fact, a great sexual experience is integral to a thriving relationship. No man wants to be known as a “one-minute man”.

In the world of dating and relationships, great sex is one of the basic needs for a healthy relationship.

Sexual dissatisfaction can be upsetting to your partner, and also very stressful to you. The idea of not performing remarkably well in bed will definitely hurt your ego as a man. Nothing pleases a woman more in bed than a passionate and sexually strong man.

Often, people are not willing to open up about their sexual problems, especially if it is a matter of not being able to sexually satisfy your partner. One of the major sexual problems that most men face is low sexual stamina. Lack of openness, in this case, can cause stress and even worse poor sexual performance in bed. It is every man’s desire to sexually satisfy their significant other and even makes her brag about it


How To Increase Your Sex Stamina


If you are struggling with poor sex stamina and you are shy about it,  there is nothing to be ashamed of,  a big percentage of men out there are going through the same problem as you. You can seek the advice of others or preferably talk to your doctor. I have put together below tips and tricks on how to increase your sex stamina so that you can last longer in bed.


Men desire to perform well in bed and sexually satisfy their significant other and even make her brag about it.


Tips and Tricks to Increase Sex Stamina

Mental focus

Staying mentally focused and being in the right frame of mind is one of the best tips to increase your sex stamina. Your mind is your greatest assets, so be wary of what you feed it. Let go all your worries and focus on what is most important, which is satisfying your partner. Avoid all kind of negative thoughts that would most likely ruin the moment, rather focus on satisfying your partner’s sexual desires. Take the positive energies with you before making love to your partner.

Stretch groin muscle

After a passionate sex, chances are you will experience some muscle pain in the morning. Stretching your groin on regular basis will help reduce the pain, and if this becomes a routine you will see an improvement in your sex stamina, to cut the long story short, you will be able to go multiple rounds and each sex session would be magical and fulfilling if you make it a habit of stretching your groin regularly.


Just like a game or workout, sex can be very bad and dissatisfying without a proper warm up.

Sexual intercourse comes with its own language – touching, folding, kissing, erotic words among others.

As a man, you must remember that it takes time for a woman to reach orgasm, thus, It is highly recommended to include foreplay before sexual intercourse. Ensure to take your time, don’t rush foreplay, spend time in kissing passionately, spend some time also in oral sex, control yourself if you feel the urge to ejaculate. Take it gently and keep the pace, you will end up lasting longer.


Eating the right type of foods would enhance sexual performance for both men and women. Let go of all the medications that claim to boost your sex stamina for just a night, all you need is the right diet that would improve your sex life forever. There are numerous foods that are known to increase your sex stamina such as oatmeal, banana, beetroot juice, red grapes, peanut butter, beans, coffee, apples, pumpkin, soya beans, brown rice, corn, dry fruits, and maca root. Include these foods in your diet and you will notice an improvement in your sex stamina over time. Foods to Avoid Before Having Sex

Workouts for building arm and leg muscles

If you want to increase your sex stamina and satisfy your partner in bed, you should start strengthening the upper and lower body. One of the major causes of not being able to perform well in bed is the lack of strength in the arm muscles as well as lower back (hip flexor). You should create time to workouts for building your arm and leg muscles. Building up your upper and lower body will enable you to endure difficult sex positions whereby you have to support your body while thrusting. Exercise & Workout That Would Make You Have Great Sex

Improve blood flow

You find that most men will go looking for Viagra when faced with sexual stamina issues, but do you know Viagra isn’t the only solution for lasting longer in bed? There are better ways you can increase your sex stamina without having to take Viagra, Massaging the central groin muscle regularly is one way to increase blood flow to your groin.


According to a research study conducted by the Journal of Sexual Medicine, it was found that men who used lubrication in along with condoms lasted longer in bed than men who did not. If you are not going to use a condom, then use sex lubes.

abdominal muscle

Flexible abdominal muscles

Flexibility in abdominal muscles is another great way to increase your sex stamina. You will have flexible abdominal muscles if you work out your abdominal muscle regularly. With flexible abdominal muscles, you will perform better and last longer in bed. The trick to providing burst to sexual energy are abdominal muscles, you will be able to thrust forward with ease if you work on your abdominal muscles. Improve your sex stamina and overall sex life with this simple exercise.


Amino Acids

Ensure to eat enough proteins, particularly foods that contain a high quantity of amino acids i.e. eggs, fish and dairy products. Your diet should include 5 grams of amino acids per day. They help to stimulate and boost biological processes that are related to virility and sexual performance.

Final Verdict

It is very important for men to increase their sex stamina. The importance of increasing sexual stamina includes; long lasting sex and improved ejaculation. With great sex stamina, one will have a great sex life. A healthy diet, simple regular workouts, and healthy lifestyle are some of the ways you can increase sex stamina.


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