Libido Killers

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At some point in your life, you might have noticed that your sex drive is no longer the way it used to be, may be due to stress at work or the stress of raising your children. One of the biggest issues in achieving intimacy amongst couples is the lack of sex drive or sexual desires.

You feel unloved and rejected if you are the only one craving for sex. Sexual desire is an important factor that helps in maintaining a healthy relationship, and lack of it might ruin the relationship altogether.disapointed couples

Libido killers for both men and women are factors and conditions that can destroy a person’s sex life. Some are inconvenience factors while others are health related. It is normal for your sex drive to change during the course of your relationship or marriage. At that point, it is important to determine what exactly is responsible for lowering your libido, before your relationship hits the rock. Although some “libido killers” are easy to recover from while can take a while. The worst case scenario is when you have to seek the help of an expert (sex therapist). Below are common libido killers that affect men and women :

Stress and Depression

Stress doesn’t only affect your body, it affects your entire being. When a person is stressed, they are often irritated, upset, emotional and sad, consequently affecting their sex life (sexual performance and sexual desires). The first step to treating stress is determining the cause of stress (stressor). You can do it yourself but in some cases, you might need to see a therapist.

Stress affects the production of estrogen and testosterone- the hormones that determine your sex drive.

Another thing that lowers your sex drive is depression. Depression is more than just a low mood or feeling sad – it is a serious condition that affects your mental and physical health for a given period of time. In the case of depression, you need to undergo treatment, which will include counseling or medication and sometimes both.

Unfortunately, some antidepressants can cause low libido. See your doctor to learn more.

Low testosterone

As a man gets older, he begins to experience a gradual decline in testosterone production. Not only is testosterone deficiency associated with low libido, but also erectile dysfunction too. Sex desires are determined by the levels of this hormone. In fact, low testosterone is another cause of low libido.

Erectile dysfunction (ED)

The inability of a man to maintain an erection for more than a minute or even worse not being able to have an erection is another symptom of low libido. Being unable to last longer in bed can be frustrating for both men and women. If you can’t erect or even maintain an erection, there is no way you will have sexual desires. Visit a doctor to help find the best Erectile Dysfunction treatment.


Menopause is also another cause of low libido. Women experience some physical changes during menopause, for instances lack of vaginal lubricants makes the vagina become short and narrow. Such changes can make sex a painful experience. There are many remedies available to enhance sexual performance and sexual desires after menopause for women. Vigorelle is one of them..

Poor body image and Obesity

The first step to enjoying sex is feeling good about yourself (confidence in yourself). Having a low self-esteem because you are overweight can lower your sex drive, decreased sexual enjoyment and poor performance in bed. Obesity affects your health in many ways; it leads to low libido, infertility, lack of confidence among others. But how does obesity cause low libido? Obesity is one of the greatest causes of hormonal imbalance. Hormones i.e. testosterone helps in increasing sexual desires. Enjoying sex starts with having the right attitude. Appreciating your body shape can help in maintaining your sex drive and sexual desires, another thing that helps is having a partner who appreciates the way you are and compliments you for it.

Too Little Sleep or Lack Of Sleep

Sex involves emotions and physical activity; one can only perform better if they have a relaxed mind, body, and soul. Lack of sleep is another cause of having low libido.


Some medications side effects may include loss of sex drive and libido. For example birth control pills, high blood pressure medications, antidepressants, chemotherapy drugs, narcotic pain pills and cold medications consisting of decongestants and antihistamines. If a medication is what caused you to have low sex drive, then you should visit your doctor. He or she might suggest an alternative medication with minimal side effects.

alcohol and cigarettes


This is one of the most ignored libido killers for both men and women. Some people think alcohol actually boost libido, on the contrary, it does not boost libido, rather it depletes the libido over time. Especially if you are fond of drinking alcohol every week. Dr. Vinay Singh, Max Health Care can affirm to this.


Smoking releases enzymes that constrict blood flow by narrowing the blood vessels in the sexual organs, in other words, smoking can cause erectile dysfunction in men over time.  According to Richard Milsten, MD, co-author of The Sexual Male “Smoking causes damage to the smooth muscle inside the penis that interferes with erectile functioning,”

Processed Food

Any processed food or foods with natural sweeteners can be a sex offender, why because, the contain synthetic hormones, which could potentially mess with your body’s natural production of hormones, including estrogen and testosterone. Foods like diet soda, cheese, processed meat, canned foods, coffee etc.

turned off before sex

Poor Hygiene

Your partner’s poor hygiene might be the cause of your low libido. Bad breath, smelly vagina, body odor, can turn your partner off before or during sex. Some people cannot stand an unpleasant smell, they get easily turned off by it.

Body Wash

A New research discovered that the chemical triclosan, mostly found in antibacterial products, lowers testosterone level in men, estrogen in women and the overall immune system. Aside from the fact that it lowers libido, it also weakens the muscle and interferes with muscle activity, which could result in erectile dysfunction issues and fatigue.

Final Verdict

Libido can be puzzling subject, today you are high on it and tomorrow it drops down. Anyway, it all depends on your mood and how sexually healthy you are. In other to stay sexually healthy, we need to exercise, eat the right food and have a positive personality.




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