Signs of Poor Sexual Health

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Signs of Poor Sexual Health. At some point in your life, you might have figured that relationships bonds are made stronger by good sex. In fact, even the most stable relationship can be ruined if one or both partners lacks what it takes to have a great sex. You might ask what comprises a great sex? A great sex is one that is healthy, fun, satisfying, memorable and most importantly mutually pleasurable. 

In other to have a great sex, the sexual relationship of both couples has to be good. If one partner’s sexual health is good and the other is poor, there would be a problem in terms of sexual satisfaction. The partner whose sexual health is good might be forced to find sexual satisfaction somewhere else.  Not saying that is an excuse to cheat on a partner, but he or she might be tempted to (sad, but that is the reality of life).

There are various ways you can solve sexual health issues with your partner, however, in the worst case scenario, you should consult with a sex therapist when things get out of hand. If you are frustrated that your partner can’t satisfy you in bed, don’t let that wear you down because you are not alone.

According to research, about 30 percent of women are not happy about their sex life.

While some sexual problems are very easy to cure others are very hard, and sadly in most cases, the relationship come have to end.

Do you feel your sex drive is low, just right or too high? Do you feel your sex drive or your partner’s sex drive isn’t alive anymore? If you are concerned about your sexual wellness or that of your partner’s, that could be a sign of poor sexual health for either one of you.  Although sex drive varies from one person to another, lack of it or too much of it can be frustrating. Anyway, how can you really tell your sexual health (relationship) is poor? What are the signs of poor sexual health? of signs that your overall sexual wellness is poor?

Signs of Poor Sexual Health

no sexLack of Sexual attraction

Sometimes one might feel less attracted to the significant other, and the idea of having sexual contact with him or her might make you sick. You think you are in love, but your feelings say otherwise. Loss of sexual attraction can be caused by several conditions and factors such as aging, weight changes or even the boredom of having to sleep with a single person for a long period. Sometimes it is hard to control the feeling of not wanting to have sex with your partner. However, when you hold or kiss, you might just not be in the mood for sex.

No chemistry

Not to be confused with lack of sexual attraction. You might feel that there is no chemistry between you and your partner, which could lead to poor performance in bed or avoiding sex completely. Most sex problems such as low libido or erectile dysfunction can be fixed, either through natural methods or medications, but there are no known therapies or pills out there that can cure the chemistry between couples.  If your partner connects with you mainly to have sex, make love, it’s probably indicative of a bigger problem. While there are several ways you can use to bring passion in the bedroom, sometimes you need to admit that the chemistry between you and your partner is little or nothing.

Feeling uncomfortable and lack of confidence

Are you feeling uncomfortable when around your partner? Are you lacking the confidence to talk with your partner freely? This is one of the major signs of poor sexual health. Instead of your partner bringing out the confidence in you, he or she causes you to feel lost or out of place. No matter how you try to make some nice comments, you find that your partner doesn’t find the comment to be interesting or amusing. This might cause a strained relationship between you two or even a breakup. In most cases, you might be compelled to end the relationship due to the fact that you are unable to regain your sexual self-confidence.

sexual health

 You have never had Good sex with your partner

Sometimes the first sexual encounter with your partner can be a bit boring since both of you are nervous or just exploring each other for the first time, however, this is not the case for some people. That being said, if it continues for weeks, months or years, then you are obviously in the wrong relationship. It is possible to reform sex that has turned from good to bad, but reforming the one that has lingered on for a long period of time is very hard. In such a case, you have to seek help from a sex therapist.

Poor communication

If you aren’t free to speak to your partner or your partner doesn’t listen to you, then your sexual relationship will suffer. Good sex starts with good communication. You should feel free to talk to your partner and your partner should be ready to listen. Everyone needs a listening ear. More so, you should be able to share your feelings and emotions freely in other to have a good sex life. Couples should communicate frequently with each other and should share intimacy.



A sexual relationship can be termed as healthy if both partners are enjoying each other’s company and sex as well. They are many factors that can interfere with your sex life such as stress, anxiety, low libido, sexual dysfunction, premature ejaculation, sexual arousal disorder, sexual pain disorder, sexual desire disorder etc. It is important to evaluate yourself if you start feeling that you are not having a good sex or experiencing one of the signs of poor sexual health mentioned above, knowing the reasons early enough will go a long way in avoiding a failed relationship due to underlying sexual relationship issues.

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