Things To Do Before Having Sex

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Do you know there are things to do before having sex in other to enjoy it to the fullest? Sex should be a passionate, mind-boggling and pleasurable. The last thing you should think of is ruining the moment before or during sex. Sex is meant to be enjoyed, that is one of the reason it was created for. You can enjoy sex at any given time of your life, and experienced people have probably learned what it takes to have a good sex. That being said, even though you are an expert in sex, that doesn’t mean you know everything about how to enjoy sex. Most people will go as far as enhancing their genitals, but what about enjoying the moment to the fullest?

You find some women pee after sex to avoid UTI (Urinary Tract Infection), wear sexy lingerie and apply some sexy perfume to spice up the sexual encounter, but what about the things one should avoid before having sex.


good and badThings To Do Before Having Sex

Don’t eat too much

Nothing will make you inactive and sluggish if you eat too much prior to having sex. Chocolate is said to be an aphrodisiac, however, you should not take too much of it just to increase your sex drive. Eating too much of chocolate might cause bloat, which will make you unable to perform well in bed since it will make you feel unrelaxed. You should avoid taking carbohydrate-loaded meals, rather, you should try eating a handful of cashew nuts and some fruits like watermelon, and take plenty of water too. Ideally, what you need is a high level of energy to perform well in bed.

Don’t drink too much

Taking alcohol can ruin your sex encounter. Some people believe that taking too much energy drink before sex will enhance your sexual performance, this is just a myth. No energy drink can help increase your sexual desire and sexual stamina because most energy drinks contain a lot of sugar and when the drink wears off you feel very tired to continue having sex.

Don’t Argue

Certainly, relationships have ups and downs, however, arguing before sex is the last thing you need. It interferes with the romantic mood, you might end up not having sex at all. Until both of you are happy there is no way you will enjoy sex to the fullest.

Dress Sexy

You need to turn on your partner, and this can only happen if you dress sexy. As a woman, if you want a man to become sexually attracted to you, you have to wear something that will sexually arouse him. You can wear lingeries that show off your cleavage and thighs too.

Avoid getting stressed

Stress can interfere with your sex drive, avoid too much stress. In case you are under stress, get some body massage, a foot massage or even meditate for a few minutes. You need to relax your mind in other for you to last longer in bed. Stress can even interfere with your ability to maintain an erection.

Avoid negative energies

The first step to having good sex is appreciating who you are. Is the thought of being overweight or underweight weighing you down? Don’t dwell on your body image or size if you want to have a good time. Dwelling on how imperfect your body can decrease your libido.

Avoid peppermint

Although you should take care of your breath before sex, taking a peppermint is not an option. Peppermint is made of menthol, which interferes with the level of testosterone. We all know that testosterone is the hormone that determines your sex drive as a man, thus taking peppermint will lead to low libido.

Don’t Masturbate

They say masturbating before sex will put you in the sex mood. On the Contrary, masturbating before sex might make it very hard for you to get an erection in the heat of the moment.

Rush Things

presex rituals

Is this your first sexual encounter with your partner? Take it easy and don’t rush things. The first sex encounter might not be pleasurable but as you gain experience (as you find out how to please your partner during sex). Sex becomes enjoyable.

Avoid Smoking

Too much smoking can interfere with your ability to a have a decent erection and last longer in bed. Smoking interferes with the smooth flow of blood to the penis, thus you might be unable to maintain an erection or even have one. In addition, taking too much alcohol can also cause low libido and poor performance in bed.

Too much perfume

It is good to apply some sexy perfume that will turn your partner on, however, some perfumes can lower your partner’s testosterone levels according to a study conducted by South Carolina State University in 2008.



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