Things To Do Before Sex

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things to do to have a great sex


Not only can sex make you feel good, but it is also associated with several health benefits. Sex is not just a pleasure-seeking act; it also comes with physical, mental, and emotional health benefits. Through sex, you can burn calories, boost self-esteem, reduce stress as well as improve your moods, subsequently, it creates bonding between you and your partner. Thus it is very necessary to prepare yourself both emotionally, mentally, physically before sex. Both men and women desire to have a better sex life. You want your partner to brag about how good you are in bed to his/her friend.

Both men and women desire to have a great and overall a good sex life. A relationship that is sex-starved would suffer and probably lead to infidelity or divorce. Unfortunately, a satisfying sex is the engine of the relationship, without it the engine run slow and eventually come to a halt. Yes, you can say sex is an important part of the relationship or marriage.

In other to create a sexy atmosphere and enjoy sex with your partner, there are things to do before sex.  On the other hand, there are some things you should avoid doing before having sex such as drinking alcohol, smoking, worrying about your looks, wearing too much perfume or makeup, taking energy drinks, using drugs (cocaine, heroin) among others.

You want to make sure you leave a lasting impression after having sex with your partner, thus, it is imperative to know your partner’s physical and emotional needs so that when you are together you know what to do to turn him or her on – doing so will increase your partner’s love for you.

Below are things to do before sex, not only will these pre-sex habits bring you and your partner closer (improve your relationship) but will also make you both have a memorable sex each time.

Brush your teeth and rinse with a mouthwash

Kissing is an important part of foreplay, thus, if you have a bad breath, your partner might feel less inclined to kiss you, turn off your partner’s sex-mood. Certainly, bad breath can ruin your chances of having great sex.

Improve your oral hygiene in other to enjoy kissing as well as sex. All you need to do is brush your teeth and tongue, more so floss your teeth daily to reduce bacteria. Always ensure that you have a fresh breath before engaging in foreplay.

Pee before having sex

Most women use the bathroom after having sex, in other to flush out bacteria which usually cause urinary-tract infection (UTI) sometimes called “honeymoon cystitis”, but what they don’t know is that they need to relieve themselves before sex too. Having urine sitting on your bladder might lead to bacteria multiplying. Before sexual intercourse, ensure you have emptied your bladder, even if you don’t feel like using the bathroom at that time, try to get urine out of your system somehow. You could be ruining the whole sex experience if you pause in the middle of foreplay just to go and pee. If you are prone to bladder infections, you should urinate again immediately after sex.

Cuddle and stare

Stare deeply into each other’s eyes during foreplay before you both start heating up, According to a sex relationship educator Laura Berman, Ph.D.,  “soul-gazing” as she termed it can have a huge impact on your relationship.

Cuddle when you both start heating up, cuddling is not only meant to do after sex. Because cuddling releases oxytocin, your intimacy for each other will increase. According to a sex therapist “Spooning or even just lying comfortably side by side with each other can enhance the sex experience.

Sex supplements

Even though you have a natural sex stamina, that doesn’t mean you are exempted from taking sex supplements. The truth is, you may be stressed out from work, depressed, having a mood swing or anything that is capable of reducing your sex drive, verily taking sex supplements will help to boost your libido, thus, making you have better sex. You can’t enjoy sex if you are not mentally and physically ready for it. If you are not into sex supplement you could take any of these DIY homemade aphrodisiacs.


If you are having sex with a condom, ensure you have a condom around, You want to avoid running to the drugstore in the middle of foreplay or before penetrating, that could be a great sex ruiner.

Take care of your nails

As a woman, you should always make sure your nails are filed properly. A man won’t complain about your nails being less attractive. However,  he will complain if he notices how unkempt your nails are especially if they wind up scratching his manhood during foreplay.

As a man, you should also file your nails to avoid scratching your partner’s private parts. It is highly recommended to wash your hands before and after sex, because bacteria from your hands can enter the vagina, thus causing infections.

Turn off your phone

Don’t tweet, snap chat or even pick a call while you are cuddling. In fact, you should keep your phone out of the bedroom. Ensure your phone is turned off before you start kissing an

things to do before having sex

d caressing. It can be very annoying pausing in the middle of a foreplay or sexual intercourse due to a ringing phone.

Smell good

You should smell good before engaging in sex, try to take a bath before sex.  Clean yourself properly. Afte bath, wear a perfume that you know your partner loves. If you smell sweet, your partner will feel the need to get closer to you. Put some fragrance on before hitting the bedroom. That being said, avoid using too much perfume, that might just ruin the whole sex experience.

Sticky lips

Ditch the shiny sticky lip gloss and try a light soft lip balm. Most guys hate the feel of sticky lip gloss as they kiss you. Most shiny lip gloss leave residue behind, which can frustrate your partner and even turn him off. Make your lips kissable and soft by applying a light balm.

Final Verdict

Having a better sex life starts with having the mind for it. Try to create a lasting impression before and after having sex with your partner. Essentially you want to avoid anything that would ruin the sex experience and embrace everything that would improve your sex experience and overall sex life.

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