How Age & Weight Affects Your Sexual Performance

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As people grow older they let go some habits and culture mostly because they are unable to do them or because their age bars them from doing so. One thing that a person can’t let go no matter the age or weight; is the desires for sex. Although most people would desire to have an active sex life forever, weight and aging process may limit them. Apart from age and weight, there are other factors that may affect your sexual performance such as fatigue, stress, side effects of medications, preoccupation with work, lack of desires for a significant other, dissatisfaction with a relationship, low sexual stamina among others.

How Age Affects Your Sexual Performance

Sexual drive and desires for both women and men decrease gradually with age. However, for men not everything is lost as the hormone that controls their desires for sex (testosterone) continues being produced even as they grow older. As men and women age some physical changes do occur, which might affect the performance in bed, apparently, physiological changes in male and female sexual functioning affect desire and equilibrium.

As people age, their skin starts getting wrinkles and their hair turn gray, nothing makes a woman feel unattractive to the significant other and admirers like having wrinkles and gray hair. The feeling that one is no longer beautiful might hinder them from enjoying sex with their partner – That is the psychological effect of age on quality of relationships and sexual functioning.

As a woman ages, she may notice some changes in her womanhood, her vagina will change – it narrows, dries and shortens, her clitoris, which retains its sensitivity, decreases in size. She will have fewer sexual thoughts and fantasies, lessened vaginal lubrication with intercourse and less sexual satisfaction. Furthermore, Loss of fat and glandular tissue combined with lessened muscle tone and tissue elasticity make women’s breasts and other body parts more drooping and flabby. Women’s oestrogen levels fall at menopause, in other words, their sexuality diminishes. The nervous system and vascular system also decline as a woman ages. Evidently, oestrogen loss causes much of the discomfort of intercourse that may occur with aging. However, senior women can enjoy great sex with their partner with medicinal solutions that spark up their libido and puts them in the mood.

As for men, aging may cause them to be impotence, have low sexual stamina and also perform poorly in bed. A man may notice he can longer have a firm erection like it used to be as he grows older. After an orgasm, it may take longer for him to erect again, and the amount of ejaculation reduces, the pre-ejaculatory sensation also diminishes. These changes often lead to distress in men unless they can be made aware of the fact that they are the normal changes of aging. Men with high blood pressure, diabetes or heart disease are at the risk of experiencing erectile dysfunction either because of the medicines they use or the disease in question. The decrease in libido with age can be as a result of psychosocial as well as the psychological aspects of aging in men.

At the age of 65, a big percentage of men lack the ability to last longer in bed as they are unable to have and keep an erection for more than a minute.

At this age, men will tend to look for other alternatives apart from foreplay for them to last longer in bed. Some men result to taking a medicinal solution like Viagra while others may turn to natural aphrodisiacs (food, remedies) and exercises that will improve their sexual performance in bed.


How Weight Affects Your Sexual Performance

Your weight plays a major role in maintaining a good sex life. How you feel about your appearance determines how you will enjoy sex. If you feel insecure or unattractive because you are slim or overweight, there is a chance you won’t feel attractive or good in bed too. Appreciating yourself and trying to maintain the right weight is the first step to having a good sex experience. According to research studies, being overweight or underweight can cause a number of sex problems like erectile dysfunction and hormonal imbalance,  thus, lead to poor sexual performance and a boring sex life.


How does weight affect your sexual performance?

One of the most common chronic conditions among overweight men is erectile dysfunction(ED). Men with ED are unable to erect and if they do the erection won’t last more than a minute. A man who has problems having an erection is going to lose his desire for sex in not too long a time, Obesity causes low testosterone production, and as we all know this is a crucial hormone for active and satisfying sex life. The more body fat you have, the higher your levels of a natural chemical known as SHBG (Sex hormone-binding globulin) which binds to testosterone (which is responsible for sexual arousal), thus inhibiting normal sexual desire or libido. In addition, too much body fat in men can impacts erection size, and the ability to see the erection from a first person point of view. Most obese men struggle to see their own erection, apparently because it’s buried underneath the fatty skin. They are more likely to have ejaculation problems due to inflamed prostate – the organ responsible ejaculation. Similarly, obese women can find it difficult to enjoy sex due to too much body fat around the vagina – hiding the clitoris ( the part that stimulates sexual pleasure).

Studies in male weight and sexual desire show that for each 1 point increase in BMI, testosterone levels drop 2%.

Many women who have experienced sexual dysfunction due to obesity find that after bariatric surgery, their sex drive returns to a more active (normal) state.

Hormonal imbalance

Being too thin or fat can cause hormonal imbalance. Being underweight can be associated with avoidance of sexual relationship, loss of libido and sexual anxiety. Being too thin interferes with your womanhood as it disturbs ovaries and pituitary gland, thus causing irregular cycles. As the body weight plummets below a critical point, the level of sexual interest, fantasy and enjoyment diminish.

Also being overweight causes hormonal imbalances which affect your fertility as a woman or a man. Hormonal imbalance affects the growth of a healthy egg. Men with big pot bellies often produce sperms that are poor in quality and mobility.

Sex Positions

Having a big belly limits your sex positions. There are certain positions you don’t expect a man or a woman with a big belly to handle, as a result they might end up adapting to specific sex positions, thus, making their sex life boring.

Final Verdict

The effects of weight gain/loss or age on your sex life are numerous. You find that most people are sexually active in their mid 20s and 30s, but as they grow older their sexual performance level decreases. More so, being underweight and overweight impacts on your sex life negatively. In other to have a pleasurable, great and memorable sex, you should watch your diet or lifestyle.



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