Improving Your Sexual Performance by Overcoming Sexual Performance Anxiety

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Sex is more than just a physical response, it is just as mental. Sexual performance anxiety is an issue that is killing relationships in droves, but the answer you seek is here.

Understanding What Sexual Performance Anxiety is and How it Affects You

Have you ever heard a lady say,

“The only thing men think about is sex!” or

“Men are just wired to instinctively want sex all the time and that’s why they get aroused at will”.

Well, this is true because it embraces the biological function of sex in men due to evolution. However, the problem with this reasoning is that the emotional and psychological functions are being neglected.

Essentially, when you understand sexual performance anxiety, you will realize that your partner’s inability to have long-lasting erections is not necessarily a physical problem. “Impossible!” You might say, but this is just the painful truth.

What is Sexual Performance Anxiety?

Sexual performance anxiety is defined as a vague, unpleasant emotion, that is usually experienced in anticipation of a failed sexual performance. This is just ironic because you’re simply failing to perform sexually because you’re anxious and nervous about performing well sexually. A conundrum, right?

Who Suffers from Sexual Performance Anxiety?

If you experience this condition regularly, do not fret because you are not alone. In the United States alone, there are over 40 million adults (18.1% of the population) who have anxiety disorders. So you really have nothing to be ashamed of.

Are you suffering from sexual performance anxiety? continue reading and you’ll learn how to eliminate this sexual performance anxiety and improve your sexual performance in no time.

What are the Steps to Improving Sexual Performance?

You may think the steps listed below are petty, but they go a long way to improve your sexual performance anxiety overtime. Do not take them for granted..

  1. Adequate communication with your spouse
  2. Get creative with the process
  3. Exercise regularly
  4. Consistent practice makes you a professional
  5. Understand that sex isn’t a fantasy
  6. Prioritize sensuality instead of goals
  7. Take time to get enough rest

Let’s go over each point in detail.

Adequate Communication with Your Spouse

If you’re struggling with performance anxiety, do not hesitate to talk it through with your spouse. In fact, this is perhaps, the best thing you can do. Trust is the core of any healthy relationship and this trust is demonstrated in communication.

Dr. Fran Walfish, a relationship and family health psychotherapist, corroborates this point, expressing the importance of communication and how it makes the partner safe and comfortable here.

Get Creative with the Process

Sex has gone past the mechanical stage of a man simply inserting his penis into a woman in one boring direction. Foreplay is just as important as the actual act of coitus. Talk dirty to your partner, try a number of different sex styles, just spice it up.

Exercise Regularly

From growing a beard to getting a job at the White House, the benefits of regular exercise continue to abound and eliminating sexual performance anxiety is one addition. Exercise, in particular, helps you reduce your stress level and this lowers your anxiety generally, making you more confident in the bedroom. Exercise & Workout That Would Make You Have Great Sex

Consistent Practice Makes You a Professional

No one was born with expertise in the act of sexual intercourse. It is a skill we all picked up, tried, tried, tried, and are still trying. There are so many quotes related to trying again if you don’t succeed at first, but you don’t need all that for this purpose, or do you? (Winks)

Understand that Sex isn’t a Fantasy

One major reason why people are afraid and nervous before sex is the same reason why they are disappointed after sex. If the visual of porn is the yardstick by which you measure sexual performance, please stop. That is nowhere close to real life. Manage your expectations by understanding that sex isn’t fantasy and you’ll be just fine.

Prioritize Sensuality Instead of Goals

Isn’t it cute to have couple goals in the course of sex? Actually, it isn’t! essentially, sex is just about two people enjoying an act and getting pleasure from it. Cancel any orgasm-centric, performance-driven, goal-oriented thought and just focus on sensuality.

Take Time to Get Enough Rest

According to the National Sleep Foundation, you should get between seven and nine hours of sleep daily. Anything short is sleep deprivation and this can have a negative effect on your sexual performance. National Sleep Foundation Recommends New Sleep Times


Even if this is the first time you’re hearing about sexual performance anxiety, we are convinced that you now know what it is and how you can improve your sexual performance in spite of the condition. Adhere to these tips religiously and you’ll see changes in no time.

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