5 Sexual Wellness Supplements That You Must Have At Home

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A majority of men experience symptoms of erectile dysfunction as they age. This is a common problem amongst overweight and senior men. Increasing sex drive and having a healthy sex life is essential for every couple. In simple terms, sex drive is a great indicator of how healthy you are as a couple. The happier you are as a couple, the more sexual desires you will have for each other. It’s important to always remember that being “horny” equals “good health”, in other words, if a man or woman is found lacking in libido – having a low sex drive, then that obviously is a sexual health problem or could be a general health problem. Anyway, if you are healthy and you suffer from low libido all the time, then that definitely is a sexual health related problem. There are ways to improve your libido and your overall sexual health. You could use supplements, improve your diet, exercise among others. The following is a list of sexual wellness supplements that will change your entire sex life for the better.

The following sexual wellness supplements will boost your libido – spices up your sex life and make you sexually active.

Pine Pollen Powder MegadosePine pollen

Pine pollen is the sperms of the pine trees. The pollen is full of minerals, amino acids, nutrients and vitamins which collectively help the body function at a higher level. It has been used for years to help increase testosterone levels. It is also known to contain arginine which is a chemical that a man’s body requires to maintain stronger erections. The major reason why pine pollen is unique is due to the fact that it promotes the body with the ability to build its own testosterone.

Side effects of the pollen

If you are amongst those who are allergic to the pollen, you are recommended to avoid using the supplement. The best and the most recommended way is to start consuming very small doses of the pollen.


Use one tablespoon of the pollen powder dissolved in water to treat erectile dysfunction. Apart from the fact that pollen helps to improve erectile dysfunction, it also has a wide range of benefits that can make you sexually fit. Other benefits of using the pollen are as follows.

  • It is natural
  • It speeds up metabolism and sweeps away excess estrogen
  • It is the best hormonal balance for males
  • It is antioxidant as well as an anti-aging nutrient


maca root powderMaca root powder

Maca root is normally considered as one of the major sexual wellness supplements due to its unique properties. After being harvested, the root should be squashed in powder form. The benefits of the powder include positive effects on energy levels and hormonal balance.

Other benefits of the powder

  • Increases fertility in both men and women.
  • Boosts the immune system.
  • Improves sexual functions and focus.
  • It has the ability to restore hormonal balance.
  • It helps control estrogen levels in women.
  • It decreases levels of depression and anxiety.

For many years now, the powder has been considered as a traditional fertility secret supplement. It is available in liquid capsule and even in extract form. Keep in mind that Maca comes in a wide range of colors including black, red and yellow. Even if all forms of the powder are equally beneficial, you are recommended to buy from a quality harvester in order to ensure its 100% purity. If you have problems finding Maca in a local store, it’s best to purchase it online and at lower prices.

How to use Maca

Maca powder has a slightly sweet tasting. You can add it in powdered form to your recipes and fruit smoothies.
Note: Don’t microwave the powder at high temperatures since high temperatures can diminish the nutrients.

korean ginsengIndian and Korean ginseng

Maintaining a healthy sex life can be quite challenging. Countless research studies have proved that the korean ginseng  can increase testosterone level and can also take part in improving hormonal balance. The uses of the herb range from boosting sexual mood and performance, lowering blood pressure as well as reducing fatigue.

Korean Ginseng should be consumed 10 minutes before sex since it encourages a rush of the blood flow. Regular consumption of the ginseng increases testosterone levels and decreases stress.
On the other hand, Indian ginseng increases the quality of semen. It is also proven to reduce stress, inflammation and also balances the immune system. Both Indian and Korean ginseng have already been proved and recommended for use except during pregnancy and during breastfeeding.


L-arginine is a natural supplement which is a building block of protein and guarantees quick cure when consumed to remedy low libido. It is also well known to improve blood circulation which is essential for proper erectile functioning.

honey goat weed

Horny goat weed

For many years now, horny goat weed has been a natural supplement used to remedy low libido and erectile dysfunction. The weed is also used by individuals with the following ailments.

  • Joint pain.
  • Vaginal dryness.
  • High blood pressure
  • Liver diseases
  • Memory loss
  • Blood disorder
  • Fatigue

The herb can be taken as a capsule, powder and even in liquid form. It has no major side effects and can easily be digested especially when it’s in liquid form.


You have no excuse not to have these supplements at home, knowing their health benefits and how they can help to improve your overall health as well as sexual wellness. I strongly recommend buying these supplements, I can’t stress enough how they have helped to improve my overall sexual wellness.



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