How To Steal A Man’s Heart & Make Him Give You All His Money

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Unlike women, men are less expressive when it comes to sex. Your man might be hesitant to ask for what he needs in the bedroom. This is because men prefer things to happen naturally, they love surprises especially if it relates to their sexual fantasies. Like the saying goes “a man’s mind is a mystery”. I couldn’t agree with that more. However, what pleases a guy most in bed? What can a woman do to in bed that would rewire the man’s brain to a point whereby he becomes your puppet? What you are about to read below would secure you a place in your man’s heart forever.keys to a mans heart

He wants a mix of things

Repeating the same sex position can result to a boring sex life. Always change positions each night, try to explore other pleasurable sex positions and foreplay. Change your pace, sometimes make it fast and other times take it slow.  Men love teases. Certainly, men love when women play with their penises, but that’s not only the body part that gets him sexually aroused. There are other erogenous places to touch a man that would fire his desires up. i.e. testicles, torso, butt etc. It varies amongst men, you have to explore different places to find out which does the magic trick.

Get on top

Sometimes your man wants you to dominate him. The cowgirl sex position would give you a full control If you have big butts that would make the sex even more pleasurable. The cowgirl position will make your man scream with pleasure and become sexually addicted to you. This position can also give you an unforgettable orgasm because while you are on top riding, the up and down or forward and backward movement stimulates the clitoris.

Make some noise

Making noise during sex will improve the mood of your partner and get him hyped up. Men want to know that you are enjoying yourself. When you make noise during sex, your man will be assured that he is doing it the right way. He will be confident and totally involved in the act. When he reaches the right spot, you should get vocal, this would make him indulge himself even more.

He needs foreplay too

Mostly women are the ones that enjoy most part of the foreplay. Foreplay prepare the mind and body to get ready for sex. The intensity of the foreplay determines how pleasurable the sex will be. Kiss and caress your man, touch him in places that would make him yearn for more. You can enjoy a passionate sex if you jump straight to having sexual intercourse without foreplay. Take your time and enjoy the whole foreplay experience before engaging each other in sex.

Never Underestimate the Power of Foreplay

Don’t always wait for him to initiate

Sex might not be on his mind until you go for it. He will definitely appreciate when you start it. When you leave your guy to initiate all the time, there are high chances for him to feel less desirable. Your guy will definitely like it when you are in control as you nurture him sexually. Men love to be petted and they love women who can pet them all day long.

Focus On His G Spots

Just like women men too have a G-spot. Surprise eh? The tip of a man’s penis and prostate should be paid special attention to during sex. It is a very sensitive spot, so handle with care, a flick of the tongue here and there will leave your man speechless.

Just like women, men too have G-spot

Don’t fake an orgasm

Never fake an orgasm because your guy will know about it and will feel lame at the end. There are also high chances that your guy will repeat moves that you don’t like and you will not be able to achieve your inner sexual desires. why would you want to face an orgasm anyway? This will only turn a man off.

neck kissingGoing for other erogenous zones

Like I said earlier there are other erogenous places to touch a man besides his penis. There are other wonderful body parts of a man’s body you can explore to get him in fire up for sex. Areas such as the neck area (kiss it), his nipples (suck it), his butts (massage it), his frenulum – the thin band of skin that connects the head of the penis with the shaft (stroke it), prostrate (massage it), behind the ears (kiss it), torso (touch it gently), and chest (touch it gently).

Indulge in his fantasies

Sexual fantasies differ, amongst men and women, try and know what your man’s sexual fantasies are and indulge yourself completely in his fantasies when you know it. This would make you be part of his sexual fantasies, such that anytime he thinks of having a good sex, the thought of you comes to his mind.

Dress Sexy & Smell Good

Getting ready for sex means “getting ready for sex”.  Just like you won’t go to work wearing your pajamas, similarly, You don’t just appear in your casual wear when you want to make love to your man. You should look hot and sexy, wear lingerie. It’s part of the sex tease, and men appreciate women who took out the time to dress sexy for them. Wear a perfume before sex, careful not to much spray it too much.

Bath Him

Take a shower with your man. Like I said, men love to be spoiled. Was his body from head to toe, while washing his body you could touch him in sensitive places. Bathing with your man strengthens intimacy.

The power of blowjobs

Certainly, men love to be given blowjobs. They just love it, A man can sign a billion dollar check just to get a good blowjob. Without your man asking to have one, get down to it, during foreplay or at unexpected times and places ( you will forever remain in a man’s heart if you do this).

Don’t be boring

Men don’t like women who are lazy and inactive during sex. If you are not highly active during sex, your man might be forced to fulfill his sexual fantasies somewhere else. Don’t force yourself into having sex if you are not prepared. It is better than lying there boringly with no sign of interest.


I hope it would make a lot of difference as you set forth in capturing your man’s heart, body, money, and soul with the aforementioned points.






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