Ways to Enjoy Sex With Your Partner

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For many, the thought of having a great sex with their partner is far fetched, something they wish could happen. This is not a surprise because as we grow old in our relationship, the longing for each other tends to fade away. When you start getting that feeling, the most ideal thing to do is to find ways to improve your intimacy and sexual relationship.

Try to avoid doing things that would make you even more sexually distant from your partner i.e. watching porn, admiring other women/men etc.

Listen I know how this may sound difficult for some people out there, but would you rather find a way to put off the fire than adding more fuel to it?

Root Cause

In the beginning of the relationship, have you noticed how much you and your partner enjoy having sex? All of a sudden your once “great sex partner” has turned into a “boring sex partner”, all because both you and your partner do little or nothing in “spicing up” your sex life.

If you have not been putting effort into making your sex life great, then you had better start now,  it’s time to make your sex life great again (in Donald Trump’s voice). I have researched on ways to improve your sex life with your partner – ways to enjoy sex with your partner.  Simple things you can do to bring life back to the bedroom.


Ways to enjoy sex with your partner

Try new sex positions

I believe there are many sex positions that you and your partner haven’t yet tried or maybe your partner has a fetish you are not aware of and vice versa. You have to start being open to discuss your sexual needs with your partner, talk, listen and satisfy each other’s sexual desires. The last thing you want to hear is your partner looking for sexual fulfillment somewhere else.

Trying new sex positions will not only give you and your partner pleasure but will also help to increase your intimacy. If you are not familiar with various sex positions, you can get help from a book on “sex positions” or go online and see what you can find (please I don’t recommend watching porn).  You can read books that illustrate various sex positions and instructions on how you can get the best out of them. Kamasutra love machine is a very good resource for sex positions.

Turn it into a game

When was the last time you played with your partner? Playing with each other would help to build intimacy, deep connections improve your relationship. You might consider this trivial but honestly, it does help to improve your relationship with your partner to a great extent. Simple things like betting on board games and the winner get a “good massage, or you can make the loser take one piece of his or her clothes off until either one of you get completely naked- more like a strip tease. ways to enjoy sex with your partner

The Strip Tease

Before having sexual intercourse with your partner, sex tease is highly recommended. You can tease your partner in so many ways, for example, a woman can give her man a lap dance and twerk her butt for him, I bet your man would really appreciate the fact that you are trying to seduce him. Furthermore, a man can give his woman a strip tease as well ( why not?), you would be surprised at how little things like this can help to spice up your sex life. How to strip for your man

Try new places

Some couples only want to stick to the traditional place of having sex, which is no other place than the bedroom. They are reluctant in trying different places. You can have spontaneous sex in places like the shower (sneak into the bathroom while your partner is taking a shower), kitchen, sauna, home office, sofa etc  You can even book a hotel room for more adventures. You shouldn’t be restricted only to the bedroom. Make it a habit to try having sex in different places (not publicly though).

Sneak a look

You can walk around the house in your lingerie or short (for men), to induce the “sneak a look” from your partner. Men find it irresistible to gaze at a sexy looking woman and women find it irresistible to gaze at a sexy man. I know some people would be reluctant in flaunting their body because of how they perceive themselves. It really doesn’t matter whether you are fat or slim, your concern should be on improving your intimacy, and anyone can do that with the right attitude. Verily, simple ways you can enjoy sex with your partnerFor those with children at home, this might not work for you, but you can always do it when they are not at home.


Some couples only send a text to each other only if they need or want to ask something. I believe only a few couples send sexually explicit photos or messages to each other. If you think you are too old for this, then you are absolutely wrong. Have you wondered some of the things that a “cheating partner” do? Yes, sexting is one of those things that they do according to a study. Don’t just text your partner only when you need him or her to get you something from the shop. Engage in sexting too with your partner, whether you are at work, school or shopping, send naughty messages to your partner intentionally to turn him or her on.

Check into a hotel for the night

For those couples with grown up children at home, You can book a hotel to spend a romantic night with your partner.  You can have a romantic dinner in the hotel restaurant before hitting the bed. Create an even more sexual mood by taking vitamins and supplements that boost libido,  or take some natural aphrodisiacs.

Dress to impress

You dress up for work and you spend time dressing up for an occasion or parties. How often do you dress up for your partner? I mean dressing up to make your partner long for you. Don’t let another woman or man dress to impress your partner. Be sexually creative in the way you dress for your partner and notice how that would impact on your sex life.

Dirty talk

Talking dirty to your partner would also help to build intimacy. It helps to build sexual tension and creates sexual fantasies. Dirty talks that are done properly will make your partner think about you all day long. It might be difficult to start talking dirty to your partner if you haven’t been doing that all along with your partner, nonetheless you can start today, you can start by texting if you are not comfortable saying it orally. Do it gradually and be consistent for it to it build up.

Watch a movie together

You can watch a romantic movie with your partner at home while you are both dressed up in sexy under pants, while watching you can both tease each other in sensitive areas. For example, you can play with his penis, or fondle her breast or butt. Kiss and caress sensually until it leads to sex on the sofa or who knows where. These are proven ways to enjoy sex with your partner.

Whether you are familiar with some of these ways to enjoy sex with your partner or not familiar with them, I guarantee you, they will help to spice up your sex life with your partner.

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